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    Medical malpractice cases have unfortunately become all too common. A Harvard Medical School study found that over 5% of all hospital patients were injured as of a result of medical negligence. Medical negligence, more commonly called medical malpractice, occurs when a doctor or health care provider deviates from accepted standards of medical procedure.

    Most people do not want to pursue legal action against their physician, but if the patient is seriously harmed it may be necessary to hire a lawyer.

    Types of Medical Malpractice:

    Birth injuries & Cerebral Palsy

    Cerebral Palsy is sometimes caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain during birth. And Injuries to a birth mother and infant can result from a obstetrican's negligence.

    Misdiagnosis of Cancer Cases:

    Delay In Breast Cancer Diagnosis, if a lump or cyst is not identified or treated soon after is is noted it is possible that the provider was negligent.

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